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MAGICRAFTS LLP is a trading company,with its head quarters at Kozhikode, Kerala and have its Geographical area of operation allover India. The company is promoted by 3 successful business groups of Kerala. The VA Group,Goodwill Group and Arabian products.

Magicrafts LLP is a Leading manufacturer , trader , and supplier of elegant and top quality Trophies , Awards & Corporate gifts at a very reasonable price based out of Calicut . Our company is  presently  having stores at Calicut , Kannur , Manjeri , Kochi, Mangalore, Trivandrum and Production house  in Moradabad (UP) . We’re coming soon in Mumbai , Mangalore , Trivandrum , and Kalpetta . We are offering a wide range of gifting solutions to corporate clients and others . The company deals Trophies , Mementos , Foils , Photo frames , Lamination machines & materials , ID card holders & materials , Binding  materials & machinery , Cutting machinery , Sublimation materials and more …. Wholesale and Retail Trade.

Our Company leads by three major successful Business Group Directors like Goodwill Group since 1996 the venture of the Goodland since 1988 Dealing with office Stationary , Engineer’s Stationary , School stationery , Printing Machinery , Accessories , and other office automation products  VA Group , a business house rendering its services over hospitality , Construction , Textile and petroleum sectors and the Arabian Products a company based on GCC doing general trading and well established group in GCC..

We possess a wide dealer network , dedicated and trained skilled people in our manufacturing unit who strive to get the best finish out of every piece of order . The company’s main motto is to deliver the best quality possible . We understand customer’s needs and provide imported quality products at the right prices .

All our products are manufactured with utmost care and attention to detail. The gifts are customised and tailor -made to suit the customer’s requirements and instructions.. The company has a dedicated and trained sales team and the staffs at the manufacturing facility are chosen very carefully based on their  qualifications and experience . Our staff members are constantly being updated with the latest inventions / developments in the field . With our company , you can expect quick delivery and reasonably priced , high-quality products .


To be an iconic futuristic organisation which satisfies the stakeholders with a perfect franchise business model and immaculate management system.


Our company built on the idea that a satisfied customer is and always will be our number one priority . That ideal is not only reflected in our mission statement but in everything we do . We work hard every day to become world’s most respected business service brands.

The Goodwillgroup is a venture of the Goodlands. Which was started in the year 1988, Goodwill group since 1996. Dealing in Office stationary, Engineer’s Stationary, School stationary, Printing Machineries, Accessories and other office automation products VA group is a business house rendering its services over hospitality, construction, textile and petroleum sectors and the group is having a workforce above 1000 people.

Asma Business hotel, a business hotel with high standards and Bun club a chain of premium cozy and stylish coffee plus bun outlets is a venture of VA group. Arabian Products is a company based in GCC doing general trading and well established group in GCC. The MAGICRAFTS deals In Trophies, Awards, Mementos, Foils, Photo frames, Photo frame Accessories, Photo Frame Channels, Lamination Pouches,Photo Papers,ID cards & Holders, Magnetic Badges,Binding Materials,Cloth Badges,Binding Machines,Lamination Machines, Cutting Machines and Sublimation Machines.


The company aims to open stores at different locations across the country to reach the customers. The company supports the stores to generate consistent returns and to achieve this objective we continue to practice the value that stand at the core of our professional philosophy. The company is presently having stores at Calicut, Kannur, Manjeri, Cochin (Kochi), Trivandrum, Mangalore and Moradabad [UP] Factory.


Photo Framing Services in Calicut,Kannur,Cochin (Kochi), Trivandrum, Mangalore

We offer products and services for every custom photo framing need.
Whether you are looking  in Photo Framing Services in Calicut,Kannur,Cochin (Kochi), Trivandrum, Mangalore, our experienced designers will work with you to create the perfect framed piece. Magicraft is one of the most reliable and dependable shops dealing photo frames . Magicraft is a full service Photo Framing  shop with a strong emphasis on customer service combined with outstanding quality. We have a dedicated team to make sure that when your dream project enters our shop all materials are available to satisfy your needs. We have our own frame manufacturing facilty and a very good contact with leading framing suppliers in the industry which enables us to provide you with prompt supply according to your desire. we are also dealing pictures of variety types to select according to your choice and budget.All kinds of photo framing works. Best photo framing works in calicut. Best photo framing works in Kannur.Best photo framing works in Cochin (Kochi)

Best photo framing works in Kannur.Best photo framing works in TrivandrumBest photo framing works in Mangalore

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We serve all our customers with the standard specifications; be it be, mementos, trophies,accessories related to printing & binding machinery or devices, photo frames, mountings, ID cards as well as sublimations. Magicrafts LLP deals with lamination items in Trivandrum,Photo frames in Trivandrum along with lamination items in Mangalore and photo frames in Mangalore. We also provide exquisite photo frames in Kochi. 

We follow our mission statement very closely; which focuses on achieving customer satisfaction through the services we provide. 

Magicrafts LLP is a trading firm that has specialized in supplying exquisite and elegant quality trophies of various kinds along with corporate gifts as well as awards. We deal with lamination machines, ID card holders, and accessories needed for binding along with cutting machinery as well as sublimation materials.


The products that we manufacture are done with the extreme and utmost care by giving special attention to all details involved. Any of the gifts we offer are customized as well as personalized; which suits the needs and requirements of the customers. Proper instructions are acquired before the manufacturing process to ensure the clarity and precision required.  

A dedicated, as well as trained sales team, works with customers to provide what they require: be it be, lamination items in Trivandrum, photo frames in Trivandrum, lamination items in Mangalore, photo frames in Mangalore or photo frames in Kochi. 

We, at Magicrafts LLP, work with the right materials required including 1 ounce fine gold with 999.9 purity quotient. The workforce, as well as all the other staff members, constantly update themselves with the latest trends along with useful inventions relevant to our field of crafting trophies, mementos, and photo frames to name a few. 

Our firm specializes in quick deliveries of reasonably priced as well as high-quality products that will be cherished by those who receive it in various corporate events, award ceremonies as well as if given these as gifts to your friends or family. 
Magicrafts LLP leads by three business powerhouses that include Goodwill Group: a venture of Goodland and deals with various stationery products, which comprise of office, school, and Engineer’s items along with printing and binding accessories, related accessories as well as other products that are automated. The next business powerhouse is the VA group: this firm renders its services to various industries and sectors such as hospitality, construction, textile as well as petroleum. The third business powerhouse is a firm that has trading operations in GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council). 

Our firm has a wide dealer network. We have dedicated as well as trained skilled people who can work on lamination items in Trivandrum, photo frames in Trivandrum, lamination items in Mangalore, photo frames in Mangalore along with photo frames in Kochi. These workers strive to get the best finish out of every piece they work on for the customized as well s personalized orders we receive from our customers. Magicrafts LLP is known to deliver its products and services with the utmost quality. We are aware of the standards our customer demands and hence work accordingly. 

The Magicrafts LLP firm currently has stores in various parts of Kerala, which include places such as Kannur, Calicut, Manjeri, Kochi, Mangalore as well as Trivandrum. We have a production house in Moradabad in UP, India as well. With expansion plans well underway,we are slated to open our stores in Kalpetta, and Mumbai as well.


Get the best lamination items in Trivandrum, photo frames in Trivandrum, lamination items in Mangalore, photo frames in Mangalore, as well as photo frames in Kochi that will adorn your personal and professional spaces.

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